Jul 8

Site connectivity issues (1:20PM - 1:22PM EST)

       Josh Bloomfield

Jul 9 - 8:33AM EST - The engineer team is aware of a recurring issue that causes all sites to "lock-up" for 90-120 seconds. A temporary fix has been put in place while a permanent re-engineering of a core system takes place over the next couple of weeks.

Jul 8 - 1:22PM EST - Service was restored. Our engineers are looking into the source of the issue.

Jul 8 - 1:20PM EST - An outage was detected.

Jul 5

Site connectivity issues (12:14PM - 12:17PM EST)

       Dan Ramdial

Sites may have been unreachable or experienced slow response times. Some users may have experienced an error when trying to access a site. Details to be released as our engineers diagnose the source.

Jun 21

DonorPerfect API Connectivity Issue

       Josh Bloomfield

DonorPerfect's API system has been experiencing issues since around Friday June 21 at 9PM EST. Once the connection is more stable, you may need to manually sync orders with DonorPerfect and review the remaining orders to be sure they sync'd correctly.

Jan 13

Trouble Connecting to GiveCloud Sites (Resolved)

       Josh Bloomfield

Starting around 9:50AM EST, all GiveCloud accounts may have started to slow down or not load at all. The issue lasted for approximately 2hrs before it was resolved.

Our humblest apologies for the brief outage. We'll post an update as we further diagnose what took place and mitigate against future outages of this type.

Sep 24

Connectivity Issues

       Josh Bloomfield

1:00AM EST - We've been made aware of a connectivity issue with GiveCloud sites. Teams have been notified.

7:14AM EST - Connectivity restored. Teams continue diagnosing the source of the issue.

7:54AM EST - The devops team identified an issue with the code that tries to renew security certificates for custom domains during off-peak hours. A hotfix has been made. A high-priority task has been created to patch the code.

This incident has been marked as resolved.

Jul 23

DonorPerfect Sync Issue

       Josh Bloomfield

There was an uncommunicated change made to the DonorPerfect API's. DonorPerfect dropped support for legacy tribute fields in their API without notice. This caused an incompatibility in communication between GiveCloud and DonorPerfect.

The DonorPerfect change happened on July 19th around 4PM EST. We have updated our code to be compatible with the change as of Jul 23rd at 11AM EST. All orders between those dates would have been affected. We ran a script to automatically patch all affected orders in all systems.

If you have any questions please contact us at support@givecloud.co.

Jul 16

Broken Images

       Josh Bloomfield

Some sites may have experienced broken images on their site starting Saturday at 8am EST and ending Sunday at ~2:30pm EST.

Once every 3 years, GiveCloud is required to renew a certain type of security certificate to keep our customers safe. We installed the certificate over the weekend but neglected to update a reference to the old certificate for our CDN (content delivery network) which caused broken images across all sites using our latest image processing. This did not in anyway leave any sites vulnerable to a security breach. It just simply affected the ability to link to images.

Only a handful of customers are running on our newest image processing platform would have been affected. This is why the problem went unnoticed across the vast majority of our clients and sites.

The issue has been resolved as of Sunday at 2:30PM EST.

Internal procedures have been revised to prevent this from happening again.

We are deeply and most sincerely sorry for the hiccup!

Jun 1

Issues Accessing GiveCloud Sites

       Dan Ramdial

Between 5:20AM EST and 8:55AM EST there were issues accessing GiveCloud sites. This was the result of a security scan coinciding with the processing of recurring payment profiles.

This has been rectified as of 8:55 AM EST and we have taken measures to make sure that this does not happen again. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@givecloud.co

May 4

Login Problems

       Josh Bloomfield

Some customers may be experiencing a blue screen with a '500' error when trying to login.

  • 3:16AM EST - Team was alerted to the issue.
  • 8:05AM EST - Team continues to diagnose the problem.
  • 8:49AM EST - Resolved.
Apr 16

Limited Customer Support

       Josh Bloomfield

A winter storm is interrupting connectivity and availability of some of our support teams. Please be patient as response times may be longer than usual.


Feb 20

SafeSave Payment Issues

       Dan Ramdial

*UPDATE: This issue is now resolved

This only affects organizations using SafeSave and Vantiv to process credit cards. This is not an issue with the GiveCloud platform. We are waiting for an update from SafeSave.

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