Jul 4

Protected Pages in Donor Portal

       Kory Gorsky

Previously, you had to assign private content to a Group or Membership Level. Now, you can simply require that a user be logged-in in order to see a page (regardless of Group or Membership).

You'll see a lock beside private pages.

Jun 18

Donor History Tab & Data Auditting

       Josh Bloomfield

We've replaced the Logins tab with a more full picture of each Donor's History. You'll now see donor portal logins as well as:

  • profile changes,
  • recurring donation changes, and
  • payment method changes

We've also included more information about each action including:

  • an estimate of the device's physical location,
  • the device type, and
  • which user made the change (the donor or a staff member - even if the staff member logged in as the donor)

For every change made, you can click on the change and see the details of the change.

Check it out - open any donor Account in GiveCloud and look for the new History Tab.

Jun 5

Payments by Item Report

       Josh Bloomfield

This new report breaks down all payments (approved and declined) received on a given item with filters and export functionality. Check it out: Reports > Payment by Item.

May 2

GL tracking for financial accounting

       Josh Bloomfield

You can now set a GL accounting code to each of your products or forms for financial reconciliation. If you are using a third party CRM like DonorPerfect, you can continue to manage your GL in the CRM Integration tab.

Apr 22

Event Page Layout w/ Multi-Item Checkout

       Kory Gorsky

A delicious new template designed for events but great for any multi-item checkout. Take it for a spin. When choosing a product layout, look for "Multi-Item Checkout".

Mar 29

Recurring Payment Cancellation Reasons

       Josh Bloomfield

You can now track the reason your donors are cancelling their donations and report on them. This is only available on our new Global theme.

To enable, head to Settings & Admin > Payments and look for the Cancellation Reasons panel. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Feb 27

Settlement Batch Report

       Tim Robertson

Review the GiveCloud payments by your NMI/SafeSave bank deposits (settlements).

Feb 1

Auth.net Support

       Josh Bloomfield

Accept credit, debit and ACH payments using your Authorize.net account!

Jan 26

SMS & Instant Messaging (Text-To-Donate, and more!)

       Tim Robertson

Increase your fundraising and streamline your processes with our end-to-end SMS fundraising feature. Best part - it's unlimited use AND included in our new monthly plans.

  • Text-to-Donate - Allow your donors to donate quickly over SMS or Instant Message and easily encourage monthly donations.
  • Text-to-Fundraise - Give your best fundraisers their own text-to-donate code. Every donation received over text is logged against their fundraiser and is visible on their page. For example: "Text 'JOSHS BDAY 50' to donate $50 towards my fundraiser!"
  • Text-to-Pledge - Allow your donors to pledge any amount of money towards a pledge campaign. For example: "Text 'BUILD 500' to pledge $500 towards our building fund."
  • Text-to-Update-Profile - Give your donors easier access to their profile right from their phone. For example: "Text 'MY PROFILE' to create, access or update your account."
  • Text-to-Anything - Create custom replies and actions. For example, "Text 'ITINERARY' to get a link to the event schedule!" or "Text 'GET THE BOOK' to purchase this limited time offer!"

Learn how to use it TODAY!

Jan 21

Order Tracking Data & UTM Support

       Josh Bloomfield

Keep better track of your traffic and analytics data in GiveCloud and in your CRM.

We now track the following URL parameters in your GiveCloud orders and donations:

  • utm_source (or just source)
  • utm_medium (or just medium)
  • utm_campaign (or just campaign)
  • utm_terms (or just terms)
  • utm_content (or just content)

Check your CRM settings, as well. You can now push those same parameters directly into your CRM from GiveCloud.

For example, perhaps you have a partner organization or business that wants to advertise your fundraising page. You can send them a link to your site with the param ?source=joes-roofing and track all the donations you get from that business in GiveCloud and in your CRM. Want to understand more, check our help desk or drop us a line at help@givecloud.co.

Jan 18

ShipStation Integration

       Tim Robertson

Our ShipStation integration is currently in testing with a handful of organizations.

ShipStation allows you to pick, pack and ship your orders outside of GiveCloud. It's a phenomenal fit for organizations who have a high level of merchandise sales.

Interested in taking it for a test drive? Let us know at help@givecloud.co.

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